Monday, July 7, 2008

Kuwait Diaries

And then we spent a month in this country. The fact is it hasn’t been the easiest of rides that we took. Though I don’t know when do I hit my mid life, with all the pressures and the loneliness of it all, I almost felt I am having a mid life crisis. The crisis manifested in the form of homelessness, work pressure, boredom and all that falls under the gambit of alien land blues. As A put it, amongst all the people who have gone through change, I have gone through it the maximum while I resist the least.

Through the past couple of days, the monster of miscommunication has not only plagued me and my fellow Egyptians here, it has taken a new dimension within my private life. And as a consultant I am to identify gaps in the current processes of communication and fill those up by communication process reengineering.

When you know, that you are made of words, by words and for words, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the gaps therein. But then, when I look back, the early medium of communication was touch. Like Nicolas Cage dying to touch Meg Ryan in City of Angels. So it was touch. The feel of it all. Palms. Hands. Beyond.

The auditory means were avoided. You acted more on the physical level. Though what brings us together is the facilitative medium of languages. The more verbal ways of communicating. But the touch is missing. I miss it. One touch. Just One. Gap One.

Socrates and his theories have always dished out the best in logic. Speech follows logic. The lack of it is barking. Did we just bark? Sure we did. Gap Two

Expectations. Diktats. Proximity. Gibberish. Gaps Galore. What turns a Mashi-Fantasizing Mumbaikar, Trip-Spoiler Kolkatan, the wind beneath your sails into the creature that misses the carnal touch, who is losing the words that made him and barks?

Alien Land? Invisible Pink Unicorn?

Within you, I lose myself... Without you, I find myself craving to get lost again!

Talk like An Egyptian! ;) Sure they have influenced me.

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