Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ode to the Flogged Blog

It’s been sometime that my blog has not been fed. It’s complaining. It’s better than being mal fed. The fact is sometimes the blog is better unfed. I must tell you there is a sense of Déjà Vu in things these days. I guess the turmoil in the lives and times of two great men bring in that sense. The fact is, that though this is a familiar territory for some people, it just struck me last night of a similar experience.Yes, taking the relationships and its dynamics away from the mortals, which can become ever so complicated, the relationship with my ex-blog and me also started turning sour at the fag end of the abrupt end it had, which pretty much coincided with the termination of all things human with an I-Banker cum Ma(e)ch Engineer. The relationship was marred by the consistent randomness inside my head. The randomness that found no vent whatsoever. The blog rejected the randomness. Every time a post was forcefully injected into the blog, it fired up. Reacted. Puked. Suffered from severe content-poisoning. Then I thought it had to be taken to a consultant, a general (B)logician. Though I have worshiped the Greek Logicians Euclid, Aristotle, Plato to the most contemporary Bertrand Russell, I failed to get the logic here. Because logicians could be consulted with a mind that accepts logic. The cortex that refutes logic needs to be taken to a Blogician, that’s BEYOND-logician. Sounds like a magician, doesn’t it?I so wish it actually was a magician. Nothing worked. Somehow the blog started showing feminine traits. Had mood swings. The mood swings majorly resulted in the blog being so erratic, that it stopped posting on its own. The battle shifted to my head. The war sounds were heard, felt and internalized at the heart.
There was a huge amount of misunderstanding as well between me and my blog. And the fact that the blog speaks it’s own language to the world, I guess the world conceived me very differently. The world though is pretty much human, in thoughts and in action. It is just one human of the fairer species. So the blog and its mankind connection somehow started to snap. The signs were there. The blog would whisper in my dreams. I am going away from you. I being the random one couldn’t care less.It got worse with time. Came my final years. Mistrust. Lonely Roads. Mean Machines.I had to make the blog burn out than fade away.I don’t like the act of fading away. Though it gives the blog time to cope with the parted ways and a life afresh, it becomes increasingly difficult for the heart. Having internalized the pains of the war, it gives up.Having seen me through many times, god or bad, the blog deserved a proper farewell.But I didn’t give it. Poor thing died a sad death. I repent it though.
I miss my blog. The old glories. The glamor. The shine and sizzle.I hope the same doesn’t happen to you. Though there is a striking similarity between what happened in the early days of 2006, I am fairly confident that there is more effort this time. More pragmatism too. I guess saner individuals as well who can make it work.

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