Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Insipid Emotions. Infertile Thoughts. Late night Moorings. The days are long. The nights are longer.

The nights are harder because we are scoffed being a part of the debauched bachelor species. We are alienated by people because of our ineptitude to have a trans-gulf battle of minds.

It’s been a long time we, that’s me n KP, haven’t been able to manage the lower rungs of Maslow’s hierarchy. The basic needs. Wants. Blah. (Hate me for being a marketing faffer now). The redlings of bluelands from the netherworlds of Mars have killed the desire to communicate amongst the earthlings. I wonder how I get my daily kicks in that. These very wiselings apparently gave our planet the Pharaohs, the Sphinx, the people from the other era apparently control your destiny which though is anyways attached to a million more strings. Yes, they are the Egyptians.

And you better dread every birth and rebirth, and wonder why did the phoenix arose out of the ashes, while you are inching closer to the revolutionary discussion you may have with them.. Because that’s how long it would take for Che to turn around the economy of the entire Copacabana beach and bring democracy to Cuba.

You see them on their asses with a mafia-like air around them which would of course be intoxicated with the Sheesha fume. So you maintain the basic etiquette of some distance between the Indian and Egyptian nose, not because your moral science teacher taught you when you didn’t know you are going to meet the citizens of Pyramidland, but because as u move perilously closer, the Extra mouth freshener that you might be chewing would pop out of your mouth and pop into the alien’s mouth.

Whoever said we could avoid the Indian stink when you get out of the country.

And just when you thought that you knew English better than Queen Victoria’s grandmother, you would say “English Maafi”. When you devour English down to the basic anatomy, and feel bad that this is the language you love so much, you would give it away to the non-English speaking breed. But still, this urge to be a superman and take the world and its grandmother is strong. So, its more like rape. When you can’t resist it you might as well enjoy it. I have started loving the conversations as much as the Egyptian lemon. Pretty much in love with them.

So with Nicolai Machiavellian flair, I have basically been ruling many a conversations these days. Official spokesman I have become.

To A, here’s a post that’s basic. For a change, I didn’t sit with my lexicon ;) .

That’s dictionary BTW. ;)

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A said...

Well, I know wat a lexicon is.. And no, you never sit wth a lexicon while writing... The world sits with one while reading :-)

As for the rape of Queen (or her language, same difference), my condolences.. No emotions worth expressing, except maybe the suggestion to learn sign language.. Mite ease ur pain


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