Friday, March 21, 2008

New Beginings

A gestalt of pulchritude, passion and pessimism emerged out of the ashes. The name signified Invincibility.

Inspired me to revive and rejuvenate the long dead art of wielding my pen. To make it more contemporary, pressing my keys :). And Sweetness sure knows the right keys. Some wrong ones too ;).

Things have been highly atypical, multifarious and surely divergent from mine. It’s another form of gratitude that I feel. I also feel pleased to have unraveled the thoughts and mind-processes of Invincible Sweetness suffering from tapestry of incoherence.

Though the sphere of communication largely remains in the real dumsweet existence, which feels surreal as it approaches a month, it’s the same invincible pursuits that inspired me to connect to the world at large.

Was I safe, tucked away, consigned to obscurity? Is this another sweet effort to illuminate the chimera? Have I really gotten back to the olden days? Has the shimmer and sparkle gone away? Do I still have refracted thoughts? What’s the story? Morning Glory?

With some positive notes, thoughts and expected positive answers, of the aforementioned line of thoughts and questions, a heartfelt thanks to Sweetness.

Cheers to your Invincibility. May the force be with us.

P.S: - Dumsweet is not inspired from Dimwit.

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Apu said...

New Beginnings indeed... Welcome back to the blogosphere... The world in general and 'Sweetness' in particular awaits ur musings, intellectual or otherwise..


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