Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Completely Ignorant Comments

First Documentation. Complete Ignorance.

That’s how the world’s supposed to react to me. I like it. Completely oblivious of the crappy existence of a lesser mortal. Boy! Do I love it or what!!

It’s nice to see the wicked ways of our existence. The anonymous ways of trying to touch the world at large is good. The ways that we all love-hate in our own respective ways. The way we react or comment. But the comments don’t always turn into critics. Or do they? Is it preferable if the comment has a critic’s tone in it? Is it also preferable that the comment also ends up with a word of appreciation?

Somehow the whole concept of anonymous writing forms a perfect ouroboros of arguments, ideas and concoction. Being argumentatively democratic that we are, it certainly supports a platform. A platform that is full of little gems as pieces written by authors of all sorts. Gives us a neat insight. With age and time, some pieces also stab the rich variety of pseudo-intellectualism that sometimes exist on various young campuses. We don’t expect a septuagenarian to comment on the youth’s blog. That would mean a critic. He may pass off the piece in his wave of social satire as completely flaccid. We want genuine comments. People can easily comment from the blog’s style of writing to the very content of it. A crisp good comment is always appreciated. An accurate demurral is invited. A remonstration is expected. And of course, at the heights of perversion, a lass’s blog is peppered with goody-good comments from losers of the first order.

Comments Anyone?

Not that I give a damn, but just in case…


Invincibility said...

Comments are the right of a reader...Even to the extent of deciding that u do not deserve one, although blog etiquette says otherwise... No comment is irrelevant, not even the goody-goody ones u speak about..So although u dont give a damn, heres my two-bit comment

Siraj & His Sweet Dumb Diaries said...

@ Invinciblity
Just like commenting on the blog is the right of the reader.The definition of it's relevance stays with the author.I may pass off the goody good comments as irrelevant,while others may just bask in the glory of these very comments.


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