Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow-Covered Dreams

It's December. But is it my December? Is it indeed my time of the year? Is it all so clear?
Because I don't see a snow covered home.
But I do stop to feel the chilly winds blow.
And I do see myself alone.
Because I don't feel something was missed.
And I still don't know where the void comes from.
Because I see my snow-covered dreams.
Freeze up, yet yearning for life.
But I would give it all away just to have somewhere to go to.
Yet, not let someone come home to.
Do I see a hand? A cold December hand? Or is it the world pretending?
Or may be I am just being Holden. His constant wrath against the middle-class version of "love", twisted definitions of success & feeling of a misfit.For me though,abundance fuels cynicism, unlike inadequacy.
It's indeed the Anti-Hero in me. And how I love him, always!!

P.S: Some parts are from a fitting song, but a not-so-fave-band of mine. Tribute to Holden Caulfield is a regular on any of my blog in some form or the other. He is my magician. My Harry Potter.


Harshey said...

I mean Linkin Park song i mean :)

$iraj said...

I mean dark horse is hear i mean!! ;)


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